Static Versus Dynamic QR Code: Which Is The Best Choice?

The growing influence of QR codes has brought up a new topic of discussion: Which is the better between static versus dynamic QR code?

Although most today are already knowledgeable about QR codes and whatnot, some still need this essential information. 

Naturally, people would seek the best choice, but the principle of finding the best type lies in one’s purpose for using a QR code.

Are you going to use a QR code for marketing or advertising? Or is it some sort of invitation for a party? In that case, you must match your intentions with the correct QR code type.

Read this blog to better understand how static and dynamic QR codes work, and help you decide on the best choice.

What are Static QR codes?

You can create static QR codes using a free QR code generator.

Static QR codes are permanent QR codes wherein you store that data directly in the pattern of the QR code itself. The larger the data size, the more condensed the QR code will look. 

These codes are permanent and last forever. You can direct users to the same content, no matter how many scans.

Some great uses of Static QR codes are promotional posters about a particular event, sharing of product details, or business locations.

Static QR codes, although free, cannot be modified once generated. For instances that need data editing, you have no choice but to generate a new QR code again.

What are dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes are more advanced codes than static ones. Many professionals typically use dynamic QR codes because of their vast feature offerings.

These features include data editing, tracking, adding passwords, and setting expiration. All of these are useful in making your QR code more customize.

If you want to edit the content of your QR code after generating it, you don’t have to worry about creating a new one. All you have to do is navigate your account in your generator’s dashboard.

While the tracking feature allows you to monitor the number of scans, location, date, and even devices used to scan your QR code. These data are necessary for analysis to help strategize campaigns.

The password features help an added security to your data by only allowing individuals with passwords to access it. At the same time, the expiry feature lets you decide when your QR code becomes accessible, like scheduled promotions.

Unlike static ones, dynamic QR codes only use short URLs. That said, the data size does not affect the QR code pattern. It won’t look condensed and, in return, scanner-friendly.

That’s why today, most marketers and advertisers are into the use of dynamic QR codes than static ones.

Creative Uses of Dynamic QR Codes

One’s imagination is the limit when it comes to the applications of dynamic QR codes. We can see this in the following illustrations:


Restaurateurs may use dynamic QR codes to present their menus to guests—no need for guests to flip thru menu books or walk over to the counter. Users can access the menu using their mobile devices by presenting a table tent QR code.

Product Information

Dynamic QR codes allow users to gain more knowledge about their products. Customers can get more information on the product, including technical details, ratings, and reviews, just by scanning the product packaging QR code.

Event Registration

You can simply event registration processes with the help of dynamic event QR code. To register for the event, attendees only scan the code with their smartphones.

Business Cards

Digital business cards are possible with QR codes you can update in real-time. By scanning the code, customers can access a digital business card featuring all the necessary contact information.

Scavenger Hunts

The usage of dynamic QR codes allows for the creation of scavenger hunts. Participants can scan a code and get information that will help them move on to the next stop.


With dynamic QR codes, stores can generate digital coupons that customers can redeem by scanning the code at checkout. Customers can only get discounts if they remember to carry paper coupons.


Marketers can utilize QR codes with dynamic information to host online contests. Anyone interested in entering the competition can do so by scanning the code and being sent to an entry website.

Arts and Crafts

Artists can use QR codes to make their works of art more engaging and interactive. Let them scan the code to learn more about the piece or interact with it digitally.


QR codes with updated information in the classroom allow for more engaging lessons. Students can access various learning materials, including videos, quizzes, and interactive activities, simply by scanning the code.

How To Create A QR Code

Creating a QR code depends on the QR code generator you’ll use, but here are the general steps to follow:

QR code solutions

Choose a QR code generator: You can find many available QR code generators online, but the most trusted and we recommend using is the Free QR Code Generator.

Decide on the solution: Proceed by deciding what QR code solution you want. Make sure that it matches the issue you wish to address. For example, if you’re going to expand your social media network, use the social media QR code.

Enter your information: This part varies from one solution to another. You must add your platform link if you’re using the social media QR code. If you’re using the file QR code, then attach a file. Click the dynamic button.

Generate the QR code: Once you’ve entered your information, generate the QR code by clicking on the “Generate” button.

Test the QR code: Before using the QR code, test it with a QR code scanner to ensure it works correctly.

Download and use the QR code: Once you’ve tested the QR code, download it and use it in your desired application. This could include printing it on a flyer or poster, adding it to a website or social media page, or using it in a mobile app.

Use Dynamic Solution; It’s The Best!

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Enjoy various helpful solutions that you can navigate any time you like. It’s proven to be very effective in many fields already.

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