Spotify QR Code: Scan to Stream Songs

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform that allows users to listen to millions of songs and podcasts on the go.

The wide array of features of Spotify made it a top-of-the-list app for many users, especially those fond of music.

And what better way to share your Spotify favorites than a Spotify QR code?
In this article, we will explore using QR codes on Spotify. We’ll take a closer look at the Spotify QR code, how to use a free QR code generator to make one, and the benefits it offers users.

What is a Spotify QR code?

A Spotify QR code is a unique audio QR code that links directly to a song, album, or playlist on the Spotify platform. Users can quickly access and add music to their Spotify library by scanning the code.

Spotify QR codes differ from other QR codes in that they specifically link to content on the Spotify platform.

Other QR codes may link to websites, social media pages, or different types of information, but a Spotify QR code only links to music on the platform.

To access Spotify QR codes, you only need a smartphone with a camera and the Spotify app installed. 

You can find Spotify QR codes in various places, including music posters, billboards, and social media posts.

Simply point your smartphone camera at the code and follow the instructions on the app to scan it. Once scanned, you’ll be taken directly to the linked content on the Spotify platform.

Benefits of using QR codes on Spotify

We listed below some benefits of QR codes for Spotify users.


By using Spotify QR codes, you allow users to access different songs or audio instantly. Users who don’t have installed Spotify app on their devices can still listen to the music trailer, which makes it friendly for everyone.


With QR codes, it’s easy to share music on Spotify with other people. By giving them a code, you can quickly share a playlist or song with friends, family, or followers. Then, they can scan the code on their own to get to the content.

Increase engagements

You can connect more with others when you use QR codes on Spotify. Users are more likely to talk to each other and share their music tastes if they can quickly access and share music.

Streamline process

QR codes make it easier to listen to music on the go. By scanning a code, users can immediately listen to their favorite songs without using the app to find them.


QR codes are a unique way to spread the word about Spotify music and artists. Artists and music marketers can get more people to listen to their music and increase their reach by creating creative and visually appealing codes.

5 Common use cases for Spotify QR codes

For music release

Marketing campaigns frequently utilize QR codes to promote new music releases and albums on Spotify.

By including QR codes in posters, advertisements, and social media posts, marketers can drive more traffic to the platform and increase exposure for the artists they represent.

Share a playlist

Sharing playlists with friends is one of Spotify’s most common uses for QR codes. But you can also it to share QR code for podcast in Spotify.

With a simple scan, users can share playlists and songs, making it easy to discover new music and share favorites.

Add favorites

QR codes are also helpful in adding music to a party playlist. Users can quickly add songs to the playlist by scanning a code at a party, eliminating the need to search for them manually.

Events promotions

You can use this as an event QR code for promotions and advertisements. For example, event organizers can provide codes for event-specific playlists, allowing attendees to easily access the music and get in the mood for the event.


QR codes can be a fun way for artists to interact with fans and promote their music. For example, an artist could include QR codes in merchandise, concerts, or social media posts, allowing fans to access their music, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

How to extract Spotify link: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Open the Spotify app

Open the Spotify app on your mobile devices or in your browsers. You have to log into your account to proceed.

Step 2: Search for the song you want to share

In the search bar, type in the song title, album, or artist name whose song you want to share.

Step 3: Click the share icon

There are two ways to find the share icon: mobile and desktop. If you’re using your desktop:

  1. Drag your cursor onto the album image
  2. Right-click the album image
  3. Select the share icon

If you’re using your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Search first for the song title or album
  2. Click the song or album image to open in full
  3. You’ll see three vertical dots in the upper right corner
  4. Click on it and select share
  5. Then copy the link provided

How to create a Spotify QR code

  1. Go to the best QR code generator website. There are many online, but the most recommended are the Free QR Code Generator. Both QR code makers create good quality QR codes.
  2. Choose the URL category. Since you’ll be using the Spotify link, you’ll have to use the URL solution. 
  3. Paste the link to the Spotify album or song. It refers to the Spotify link you previously extracted from the steps above.
  4. Click the generate QR code button. Once you add the link, you’ll see the generate button at the lower part of your screen. Click on dynamic for more advanced QR code features.
  5. Customize your QR code. You can add colors, changes frames, or add CTA. Depending on the availability of your Spotify QR code generator, there could be more custom features that you can use.
  6. Test if your  QR code is working. It’s essential to check if your QR code is working before deploying them, or users will gain bad impressions of you for scanning errors.
  7. Download, print, and share your QR code. It's recommended to download your QR code in SVG format for better-retained quality.

Share Spotify using QR codes now!

Spotify QR code makes sharing music a lot easier. With just a scan, your music and favorite songs can reach millions of users anywhere.

If you’re an artist struggling to market your talent, try using QR codes and be amazed at how it can boost your audience.

To jumpstart your QR code campaign, visit the Free Spotify QR Code Generator today. Check out the different offered solutions and learn ideas from provided blogs.