9 Small Business Packaging Ideas With QR Codes

Small business packaging ideas should be a perfect blend of arts and innovation, good thing QR codes are readily available to hit this goal.

The packaging does wonders, and it is the first thing customers see in a product, so it must be appealing and attractive to the eye.

But more than that, packaging should still be of use when it comes to product details. The challenge here now is how you can create packaging that’s attractive and efficient at the same time.

Well, the answer to that is a QR code. This 2-dimensional barcode can be both fancy and functional without hassle.

To learn more about these QR code ideas for business packaging, check this blog and keep reading below.

9 Packaging Ideas with QR Codes

Here are some packaging ideas for small business that you can use for your products.


You can put a sticker on your packaging. Businesses usually use round stickers that have the brand logo. But to elevate that, you can turn the design into a QR code.

Embed your sticker with the contact number of your business, so whenever users scan the business card vCard QR code on your sticker, you can instantly redirect them to a digital business card.

Gift Bags

Gift bag QR codeYou can use a gift bag as packaging for small to medium-sized products. While they’re already handy, they also have relatively wide spaces to add your QR code.

You can even provide clients with a customize QR code embedded with a sweet message for a giftee. It preserves confidentiality, at the same contributes to the functionality of the gift bag.

Custom Tins

Food manufacturers often use customized tin containers as packaging for cookies and candies. More recently, cosmetic companies have also begun using them.

Tins are typically plain, so you can use QR codes to add texture. Print a QR code on your tin can that redirects users to a behind-the-scene video while making the product.

Packing Tape

Tapes are also useful packaging material. It secures the product, seals the box or packaging, and adds to the overall aesthetic.

Don’t just use plain tape; you can print it with a QR code for a more innovative idea. It’s then up to you where you want to redirect your customers with that QR code. 


Wrappers can be of any sort; paper, plastic, and fabric. Since it’s the first thing customers see, you can use it by adding a QR code. 

Embed your product packaging QR code with the details about the product, like materials used in manufacturing and the product’s back story.

Custom Boxes

Box QR codeThese are the most common product packaging. Boxes usually come in a plain style, but that’s what makes them very versatile.

You can directly print the QR code on the box or paste a QR code sticker. The best thing about QR codes is that you can decide on whatever data you want to embed. 

Thank you Cards

Are you using thank you cards to show your gratitude to customers? They can also level up. Instead of using just thank you texts in a limited card space, why not use QR codes?

You can embed special messages in the form of images or videos to make the cards more meaningful and memorable to buyers.

How-to Cards

Consumers buy products like appliances and check whether they come with user manuals and care guides.

Instead of simply printing instructions, you can add a QR code and embed it with a video tutorial on using the product. Buyers will appreciate your business more because they feel valued.

Plastic Acetate

Acetate packaging is often used in delivering preserved flowers to serve as protection. It’s clear and plain, but a customized QR code can add a new accent.

How to create a QR code for packaging

Steps in creating a QR code vary from one generator to another. But here’s a general when using the best QR code generator.

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator

You will need a QR code generator to create a QR code. The best that we can recommend is the Free QR Code Generator.

  1. Choose a solution

Then find a QR code solution that you want to use. There are various solutions, but you must pick one that will address your needs. QR code solutions include URL, social media, or vCard.

  1. Give details

After choosing a solution, you must provide the details needed. This one depends on the QR code solution you select.

  1. Generate the QR code

Once you have uploaded your data, click the Generate QR code button and wait for the code to load.

  1. Customize your QR code

Now that you have your QR code, you can start customizing it. You can choose different colors—either a solid color or a gradient. You can also change the eye and frame shape.

This is also an excellent way to display your brand; simply add your logo to your QR code. And to complete it, use a frame with a call to action to guarantee more scans.

  1. Test-scan your QR code

After deciding on the final look of your QR code, test if the code is working. You can use any device, as it should work on all devices.

  1. Download your QR code on the packaging

Once you’ve saved your QR code, you can upload it to your graphic design tool and incorporate the QR code into your packaging design templates.

After that, you can mass-print your packaging

Make packaging more than just a wrap!

Today, the packaging is more than just a cover-up. Since it’s the first thing consumers see about a product, it can also promote your product further.

And to access more features and functions on your packaging, you can add dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes are advanced QR codes that let you edit the data anytime, track real-time scan metrics, add passwords for encryption, and set expiration dates.

To personalize your QR code for packaging, visit the Free QR Code Generator today and sign up for the dynamic QR code solutions.

Waste no time; get yourself a QR code now!