QR Code Ideas for Nonprofits and Fundraising Activities

QR codes for nonprofit organizations and fundraising events are slowly becoming a trend because of their helpful features.

QR codes close the gap between online and offline donors. Since most people today are into cashless transactions, physical tenders are rarely used. And if you’re asking for only-cash donations, you’re most likely going to receive a limited amount.

Adopting QR codes, however, allows you to reach everyone who wants to donate with or without cash on hand.

Moreover, QR codes can also benefit the organization through promotion and driving engagement.

If you are running a donation activity now, it’s time to incorporate QR codes. Interested? Continue reading to learn more about QR codes and the Free QR Code Generator.

5 Ideas for Nonprofits and Fundraising

Drive donation

Donation QR code

Setting up QR code for online donation and charitable giving stations at events or in public places is a simple and effective way to make it easy for people to donate to your cause.

By displaying a QR code at a booth or kiosk, visitors can simply scan it with their smartphone and follow the prompts to donate.

This can save time and hassle for both donors and your organization, as it eliminates the need for handling cash or filling out paper forms.

Raise awareness

Creating QR code campaigns is a great way to raise awareness about your nonprofit or a specific cause.

You can create a QR code that links to a landing page or website with more information about your organization or campaign and promote it through social media, email, or other online platforms.

You can use the QR code as a supplement to all the information that people may need to read before they decide to donate.

Promote your cause

You can also consider using flyers and brochures QR code or promotional materials T-shirts to encourage people to learn more about your cause. Even athletes now have QR codes on their jerseys.

By making it easy for people to access information about your organization, you can increase interest and engagement and potentially attract more supporters and donors.

Advertise donation merch

Selling merchandise with product packaging QR code printed on them is a great way to raise funds for your nonprofit and promote your organization simultaneously.

You can design T-shirts, hats, bags, or other items with your organization’s logo and a QR code that links to your website or a donation page. This can be an effective way to get your message out and make it easy for people to learn more about your cause and make a contribution.

Auctions for donations

Holding online auctions with QR codes to bid on items is another creative way to use QR codes for fundraising. You can create a QR code for each item up for auction and display it alongside the description.

Participants can scan the QR code to place a bid with their smartphones. This can streamline the auction process and make tracking bids and winners easier.

You can easily promote your auction through social media and email. Consider offering a variety of items to appeal to a wide range of donors.

Why do nonprofit organizations use QR codes?

Here are several reasons why nonprofit organizations and fundraising campaigns trust QR codes:

  1. Quick and easy access to information

QR codes can provide quick and easy access to information about the nonprofit or fundraising campaign.

For example, a QR code could link to a website where people can learn more about the organization, donate, or sign up for updates. By linking your website, you also drive website traffic which is good for your organization.

  1. Increased engagement

You can make QR codes fun and interactive to engage with supporters and potential donors. 

A QR code could create a scavenger hunt or quiz related to the nonprofit’s mission or cause. This way, donors will have a great time while donating and boost their interest in your campaign.

  1. Easy to share

The typical way of inviting donors is through printed media like posters and flyers. But these incur costs and require so much effort for distribution.

However, with QR codes, you can easily share your cause through social media, email, or other channels, making it easier for people to learn more about the organization and get involved.

  1. Trackable results
Track QR code

The good thing about QR code campaigns is that you get to track your progress. The dynamic QR code solution has a tracking feature that lets you monitor the number of scans, time, location, and device used to scan your code.

This information can help you accurately check whether your campaign is effective or not, or if it’s giving your organization a positive impact.

How to create a QR code for a nonprofit organization

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a QR code using an online QR code generator:

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website.
  2. Select the type of QR code you want to create. You can choose among URL, text, social media, email, vCard, and others.
  3. Provide the information needed to be included in the QR code.
  4. Click the “Generate QR Code” button to create the QR code.
  5. Customize the appearance of the QR code if desired. You can change the color, add a logo, or change eyes and frames.
  6. Choose the image format of your QR code before downloading. But the SVG format is advisable for printing.
  7. Test the QR code to ensure it is readable and leads to the correct information. You can use a smartphone or QR code scanner to do this.
  8. Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

In conclusion, QR codes offer a variety of opportunities for nonprofits and organizations focused on improving their communities.

From setting up donation stations to creating campaigns and merchandise, QR codes can make it easy for people to support your cause and engage with your organization.

By implementing these ideas, you can streamline your fundraising efforts and reach a wider audience of potential supporters.

If you want to optimize your donation drive fully, try integrating it with QR codes. Create your own today by visiting the Free QR Code Generator and signing up for an account. Contact customer service for assistance, available 24/7.