Seamless Bank Operations With QR Code Generator For Banks

QR codes are trending today in the banking industry, which is why the search for QR code generator for banks has been a hot topic.

If banks would adapt to this QR code technology as part of their innovative efforts, they must be keen in choosing a partner generator that can cater to all their QR needs.

One that has expansive custom feature offerings, several plan options, wide solution choices, and of course, advanced QR code tools to help them create a solid QR code campaign.

Fortunately, the Free QR Code Generator has got it all. It offers the best choices to address banking issues thru QR codes.

Want to learn how? Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through it.

Static vs Dynamic QR codes

You often see QR codes in payment sections—usually in square shapes with black and white patterns.

They are two-dimensional and another version of barcodes seen on product packaging. QR codes come in two types: Static vs Dynamic QR code.

Static QR codes are the so-called free QR codes. They hold permanent data, so you cannot edit or change it once generated. 

Static QR codes are perfect for lifetime purposes, such as holding etiquette information about public utilities and websites, since these don’t often change.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are more advanced than static. You can edit and update its embedded data after you generate the code. Plus, it allows you to track the performance of your QR code.

You can also add a password and expiry to it. And since it holds a short URL, the pattern remains readable and not condensed.

For these reasons, dynamic QR codes are more advisable for businesses or individuals who need to track and analyze their QR code usage or change the embedded data in their QR code over time.

7 Ways banks can use QR codes

Mobile payments

Peg: Put a QR code in the bank office entrance. You can add CTA like scan to pay credit, then it should redirect to payment landing page

Banks can use QR codes for mobile payments, allowing customers to pay for goods and services without having to hand over cash or a credit card physically.

Banks can generate a unique QR code for customers to use on their mobile phones to initiate payments.

Branch transactions

Customers at a bank’s branch can use QR codes to make deposits, withdrawals, and balance inquiries simply by scanning a code.

It allows banks to work efficiently and cater to customer needs despite fewer workforce.

Cardless ATM transactions

Cardless ATM transactions are possible with the use of QR codes. Users no longer require real debit cards when withdrawing money from an ATM because banks may produce a unique QR code for each customer.

Marketing campaigns

The financial sector can benefit from QR codes by creating them for customer-facing marketing efforts. To promote a sale or special offer, a bank may, for instance, use flyers and brochures QR code on print media.

Account opening

With QR codes, banks can streamline the account opening process for their consumers. By scanning the code, customers are taken directly to an electronic application for a new account, eliminating the need for paper applications.

Fraud prevention

Banks can use QR codes for security to guard against fraud. After making a purchase, clients can utilize a QR code from their bank to validate the purchase and block any unwanted access.

Customer service

Using QR codes, financial institutions can speed up the process through which clients can reach out to support.

For instance, users may scan a QR code on a customer’s bank or utility bill to find the institution’s online help center, where they may get answers to their questions.

Advantages of using QR codes in Banks

There are several benefits you can gain from using QR codes in banks. Check out the following:


Thanks to QR codes, customers can use their mobile devices to quickly and conveniently purchase and access various resources.

Customers will appreciate the shorter lines and the convenience this provides at the bank.


Peg: Show someone scanning a QR code and inputs the password first to access the data

To safeguard against account hacking and fraudulent transactions, banks can use QR codes as an added layer of verification.

For added security, they can be produced with transaction-specific information, making it more challenging for hackers to intercept and access private information.


QR codes are a cost-effective way to implement mobile payments and other banking services, as they do not require the installation of new hardware or software.

Tracking and analytics

Banks can use QR codes tracking system to monitor customer behavior and preferences, allowing banks to understand their customers better and tailor their services accordingly.

Reduced paper usage

With QR codes, you may save trees by eliminating the need for paper receipts and statements throughout your banking activities. In turn, this can assist financial institutions in lessening their negative effects on the environment and their bottom lines.

Competitive advantage

Banks may set themselves apart from rivals and win the business of clients seeking quick and safe banking options by providing services based on the ubiquitous QR code.

How to make QR codes for banks

To create QR codes for banks, you can follow these steps:

Choose a QR code generator: You can find many QR code generators online, but we recommend the Free QR Code Generator as these have all the features you’ll need when making your QR code.

Choose your QR code solution: Once you’ve picked a generator, choose a solution you want. Since there are various QR code solutions, we suggest choosing one that meets your needs.

Input the required information: Provide the details of your chosen QR code solution and click the generated QR code button to complete the process.

Customize the QR code: Many QR code generators allow you to customize the appearance of your QR code by changing the color, shape, and other features. You can also add a logo or other branding elements to make the code more visually appealing.

Test the QR code: Before using the QR code, it’s essential to test it to make sure it works as intended. You can use your device if it has a built-in scanner or uses a third party.

Deploy your QR code: Once you’ve tested the QR code, you can implement it in your banking services. For example, you might use it to enable mobile payments, allow customers to access account information, or provide marketing materials.

Efficient banking service with QR codes

Make the banking experience more memorable and convenient for customers using a QR code.

All it takes is a reliable QR code generator—Free QR Code Generator and a creative mind to make a successful QR code campaign.

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