QR code for meetings and webinars: a comprehensive guide

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in online meetings and webinars. These can contain meeting links, chat rooms, and presentation materials, giving attendees and participants quick access to critical information.

Distributing QR codes for webinars and meetings is now made easier using the free QR code generator software.

This blog will explore how to use QR codes for meetings and webinars. It will also discuss making, promoting, and keeping these codes safe.

And at the end of this article, you will know how to use QR codes to improve online meetings and webinars.

Read on to learn how to make and customize QR codes, where to put them, and how to get people to use them, as well as security and data protection. 

QR Code Creation and Customization

Creating a customize QR code for online meetings and webinars is straightforward. 

1. Choose a reliable QR code generator

Reliable QR code generator

Many online QR code generators are available, such as the Free QR code generator. The best part is you can use them to create free codes. 

2. Select the type of information you want to encode 

You can embed a website link, presentation, or contact information depending on the purpose of the QR code. Enter the data, and then generate the code.

3. Customize your QR code

When customizing QR codes, remember that you want the code to be visually appealing and easy to scan. Here are a few tips to help with this:

  • You can use an image or logo to customize your QR code’s background, making it more attractive and easily recognizable.
  • Adding QR codes color will make it stand out and more noticeable.
  • Keep the design of your QR code simple and easy to read. Avoid using bright colors or adding too many details.
  • Ensure the QR code is big enough for the scanner to read it. The bigger the code, the easier it will be to scan.

4. Do a test scan

Test the QR code by scanning it with your smartphone before using it in your online meeting or webinar to ensure it works correctly.

5. Download the QR code 

Make sure to download the QR code for team meeting in a high-quality image to maintain its scannability. 

By following these tips, you can create and customize QR codes that are visually appealing and easy to scan.

This strategy will effectively provide attendees quick access to critical information during online meetings and webinars.

Where to Place QR Codes for Meetings

When displaying QR code online mentorship and coaching during online meetings and webinars, the best place to show them is where they will be easily seen and scanned by attendees. 

Here are a few suggestions for where to display QR codes:

On your screen

You can display the QR code on the screen during the meeting or webinar. Attendees can quickly scan the code to access the relevant information.

Webinar invitations

Zoom QR code

Include the QR code for team meetings or webinar invitations. This way, attendees can scan the code and have the information ready for the webinar.

You can also include it on your social media posts to encourage more people to join and attend the webinar.

How to promote webinars with QR codes

Promoting QR codes can also increase participation and engagement during online meetings and webinars. 

Here are a few suggestions for promoting QR codes:

Send reminders

Send reminders to attendees a few days before the meeting or webinar. Use reminding them to scan the QR code for important information.

Use Social Media

Share the QR code on your social media platforms so more people can access the code and the information.

Use email campaigns

Through email marketing campaigns, QR codes can help promote webinars and their complete details to a larger audience.

Include it in the agenda

Include the QR code in the agenda of the meeting or webinar. This way, attendees will know where to find it.

You can increase participation and engagement during online meetings and webinars by displaying the QR codes in easily visible locations and promoting them effectively.

QR Code Security and Data Protection

QR codes store and share various types of information, including personal data. Therefore, keeping them secure is essential to protect that personal data from hacking and misuse. 

Keeping QR codes secure can protect personal data and reduce the risk of hacking and misuse. It is essential to be aware of the security risks of using QR codes and take steps to mitigate them.

Here are a few tips to help keep QR codes secure:


Use encryption to protect the data stored in the QR code to make it harder for hackers to access the information.

Short-lived codes

Use short-lived codes that expire after a certain period to limit the time the code is available for hacking or misuse.

Monitor QR code usage

Monitor the usage of the QR code and track who is scanning the code and when to detect suspicious activity.

Use a secure QR code generator

Use a secure QR code generator that encrypts the data and verifies the authenticity of the scanned code, making it much harder for hackers to access the information. Go for generators with ISO and SOC certifications.

Be careful of the information you store in the code

Avoid storing sensitive personal data, such as credit card information. 

Create a QR code for webinars and meetings today!

With the growing popularity of remote work and online meetings, it’s worth considering adding QR codes to your meetings and webinars to enhance the experience for your attendees. 

QR codes in online meetings and webinars can increase participation and engagement, making the experience more interactive and convenient for attendees. They make it easy for people to find links, chat rooms, and presentation materials.

Start exploring the possibilities of using QR codes in your next online meeting or webinar and see the difference it can make.

Go to the free QR code generator now and create your first QR code for your webinar.