QR Code For Facebook Page: Instant Engagement in One Scan

Did you know you can now create a QR code for Facebook page?

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms today. Aside from personal uses, it has also become an e-marketplace, which is why it continues to grow its users today.

You can use this QR code to share a particular post, page, or account in a scan. To learn more about this tool, check out this guide on using a free QR code generator.

How to create a QR code for Facebook page

Creating a Facebook QR code for your page is easy. You can have one even though you’re a beginner at QR codes. Follow the steps below:

Get a QR code generator. We highly recommend the Free QR Code Generator, two leading QR code-creating platforms online.

Choose a QR code solution. Select the Facebook option, but if it’s not on the home page, you can use the URL QR code.

Provide details. Paste the link to the Facebook page you want to promote.

Generate your QR code. After providing the link, click on the Generate QR code button found in the lower part.

Customize your QR code. Customization features vary among QR platforms, but with the recommended generator above, you’re guaranteed to make impressive QR code design and add colors, change eye and frame shapes, and add CTA.

Test your code. It’s important to run a test scan on your QR code to avoid giving scanners a bad impression. Also, if you use a static QR code, you can no longer edit its content, so it’s crucial to test it first.

Distribute your QR code. If all goes well, you can now download your QR code. Print it if you like, or share it online to gain scans.

How to use QR code for Facebook page

A. Displaying QR codes in physical locations

After creating your QR code, you can print it and paste it on posters or flyers for more scans. Places like parks or bus stations where many people pass by are great spots to post your QR code.

B. Including QR codes in digital materials

QR codes are not only limited only to printed media. You can post them online as well. You can use your other social media platforms to ensure that your QR code reaches a wider audience.

C. Encouraging customers to scan the QR code

Use a call to action statement to get more scans. Your CTA should be something encouraging and creates a sense of urgency. At the same time, it should instruct users on what to do with the QR code.

Use CTAs such as “Scan now” or “Scan for Updates.”

D. Tracking QR code scans and analyzing results

To fully understand the effectiveness of your QR code, be mindful of the aftermath. Track its performance with the QR code tracking feature. You can check the number of scans, the date and time of scanning, and the device used to scan your QR code.

These details give you enough hints to identify your potential and target market. Analyzing your tracking result is crucial to say that your code is working.

Benefits of using QR code for Facebook page

Easy access to Facebook pages

Instead of manually inputting page names, which could create errors, a QR code is a lot better. You can share a QR code so users can just scan your code and get instantly redirected to your page without hassle.

Boost online visibility and brand awareness

In connection to the first benefit, since users can easily find your page on Facebook, it’ll increase visibility and exposure. Providing your audience with QR codes is as good as giving them a convenient way to locate you on Facebook.

Improved customer engagement

Customer engagement is necessary for marketers managing a Facebook page for a product or business, whether responding immediately to their queries or replying to their comments so they’d feel valuable.

Using QR codes, people will more likely want to communicate with you.

Increased followings and likes

When your page is easy to find on Facebook, you have a higher chance of gaining more followers and earning likes. By eliminating the hassle, the audience will have a good impression of your page since you instantly redirect them to your account.

Best practices for using a QR code for Facebook page

A. Choosing the right QR code generator

When creating a Facebook page QR code, you need the best generator. The QR code maker will greatly impact your QR code’s quality and flexibility, so you must get one that has it all—the Free QR Code Generator.

B. Customizing QR code for brand recognition

Don’t settle for the typical black-and-white QR code. You have to stand out to gain scans. Apply customization to make your QR code attractive.

When using a color palette, choose the ones that match very well. Do away with light and pastel pattern color, which might affect readability. Always use a lighter background, though, and a dark pattern.

You can also apply changes to frame shapes. You can use a circle or a square with rounded edges. It depends on how the overall QR code will look in the end.

C. Providing clear instructions for scanning the QR code

Adding a call to action or CTA is also necessary to attract scanners. Don’t assume that everyone is aware of what a QR code is. 

Use CTAs to guide those still new to QR codes. It should guide users on what to do with your QR code. Avoid misleading your audience. Don’t use CTAs that don’t reflect the data embedded.

D. Regularly updating QR code to ensure accuracy

If you plan on using a QR code for a long period campaign, make sure to update it from time to time. For example, you use a specific QR code to store a Facebook page.

If you plan to create a new page and delete the old one, make sure to also update the QR code with the new Facebook page’s new link.

Share Facebook In a Scan!

Invite the audience to your Facebook page by letting them scan a QR code!

Provide them instant access to exclusive content, updates, and exciting offers. Apply all the guides above to make an effective Facebook page QR code campaign.

Take advantage of this easy and convenient way to connect with others. Create a QR code with the Free QR Code, visit their website, and invite them to scan now!