The New Face of Print Media: QR Codes on Print Magazine Ads

Print magazine ads are surprisingly still considered one of the most effective advertising tools, and now it comes with a QR code.

Something that allowed these present magazine ads to thrive was incorporating QR codes—a modern tool. Combining modern and traditional materials certainly results in an effective campaign.

That said, you might be wondering in what ways QR codes can contribute to the overall impact of magazine ads on the audience.

This blog will walk you through the creative uses of QR codes and teach you how to create one from a free QR code generator available in the market.

What Are Magazine Ad QR Codes?

Magazine QR code provides readers with a more interactive and engaging experience far from plain reading and visual checking.

Editors usually place QR codes on magazines as contact channels. Users who scan the code get redirected to certain personnel for more inquiries. Others use QR codes to provide videos for a more intense visualization.

But there are other creative uses of QR codes that you can apply to print media; you just have to be creative and expand your imagination.

7 Ways To Use QR Code On Print Magazine Ads

QR codes are a great way to bridge the gap between print and digital media. Here are seven ways to use QR codes on print magazine ads:

Product Information

Magazine QR code

Suppose you have this home renovation and decoration magazine. You can include a video QR code on the print ad that links to a landing page with more detailed product information, including photos and videos.

Instead of printing pictures of the items, you can add a QR code and embed it with a video of the actual product so viewers can better examine it.

Discount codes

QR codes are also a great mode of promotion. You can add a QR code that redirects users to a landing page with discount vouchers.

When consumers purchase any of the products displayed in the magazine, they can use the vouchers to earn discounts. Consumers love treats like this, which will undoubtedly positively impact your business.

Social Media Links

If you’re in the game to increase your engagements on social media, you certainly can by adding QR codes on magazines. Embed your social media links and platforms on a single code via the QR code for social media.

One QR code can hold your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even market shops. Doing so will help you increase your audience on all platforms in just a single tap.

App downloads

If your magazine is about introducing a new app in the market, you can streamline users’ experience by adding a QR code. 

Include a QR code on the print ad that links to the App Store or Google Play Store so readers can easily download your app. It also reduces the risk of human as most app tends to have similar names.

Event Registration

Promoting an event via magazines is common. But by using QR codes, you can do more than just encourage and initiate registration.

Add a QR code and embed it with a registration form using the Google Form that attendees can fill out ahead of time and present the confirmation on the entrance for faster workflow.

Email Subscription

Since magazines are marketing materials, you can expand their use by building a mailing list. Embed a link redirecting to an email subscription form so readers can sign up for your newsletter or promotional emails on your QR code.

Video Content

Printed magazines with colorful photos might attract readers, but imagine what videos can do. 

You can use QR codes to create a new engaging environment for readers by adding a video related to the advertised product or service, such as a promotional or tutorial video.

You can also use a video teaser if the magazine promotes an upcoming event. It is a great way to stir curiosity among readers.

How To Create Print Magazine Ads QR Code

Now that you are well acquainted with QR code uses on magazine ads, here’s how to create a QR code for yourself.

File QR code

Step 1: Find a QR code generator

You can find many QR code generators online, but only a few are reliable, trusted, and has everything you would want in a QR code maker.

We suggest using the Free QR Code Generator. These two can certainly meet your needs for QR codes.

Step 2: Choose a solution

There are various QR code solutions. One solution is best for a specific need, so you need to identify the problem or issue you want to address.

Different QR codes include URL QR codes for link promotion, vCard QR codes for digital business cards, and more. Choose the type of QR code that best fits your needs.

Step 3: Provide the required data and generate

To generate the QR code, you must provide the needed requirements. It depends on your chosen solution. It could be a link, an image, a video, or a list of personal details.

Click the Generate QR code button once you’ve uploaded your data.

Step 4: Customize the QR code

Once a QR code appears, you can now begin customizing your QR code. You can add colors, whether solid or gradient shades.

You can make changes to eye and frame shapes. There are also pattern styles available. Add a call to action if you want your logo displayed in the QR code.

Step 5: Test and download your QR code

Before sharing your QR code, test it using a QR code reader app to ensure it works properly. The last thing you would want to happen is print tons of defective QR codes.

After confirming, you can download your QR code and print it on your magazine pages.

No more boring magazine ads!

Get rid of the usual magazine experience with just texts and photos to look at. You can do so much more than that by using QR codes.

Bring your readers to a different world just by flipping pages and scanning QR codes. The more engaging the experience you give them, the more positive results you will gain.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the Free QR Code Generator online and sign up for an account for a better QR code experience.