Gather More Answers with Feedback QR Code

Maintaining pleased consumers is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Getting their input is a great method to achieve this goal. And what better way than a feedback QR code for customer comments?

A feedback QR code is a special kind of QR code that lets customers easily and quickly provide comments.

Customers can submit feedback on your company, products, and services by scanning the code with their smartphone cameras and accessing a survey or feedback form.

Learn how to make your own feedback QR code using the best free QR code generator.

Benefits of Feedback QR code

Why should you implement a QR code for survey feedback collection for your company? Let’s examine a few advantages:


Feedback or rating QR codes are tremendously convenient for customers. Consumers can easily submit their input without completing tedious paperwork or undergoing complicated procedures.

To provide feedback, customers just only scan the code with their smartphones.

Real-time feedback

QR codes allow for instant client feedback collection. You can increase product quality and customer satisfaction by fixing problems as soon as they arise.

Increased response rates 

Low response rates are a common problem with conventional ways of gathering input, such as email and paper surveys.

But, you can greatly improve the response rate by using a feedback QR code. When giving feedback is simple and quick, customers are more likely to do it.

Data collection

You may learn much about your clientele and their tastes using feedback QR codes. With this information, businesses may make better choices, like expanding into new markets or updating existing offerings.

How to make a feedback form

Feedback form

You must create a standard and quality QR code feedback survey form. Here’s how:

Define the purpose of the feedback form

Decide on the specific goal or objective of the feedback form. It could be to gather feedback on a product, service, website, event, or anything else.

Identify the questions to include

Plan out the inquiries you’ll ask to get your desired answers. Questions could be either open-ended (providing room for free-form writing) or closed-ended (multiple-choice or rating scales).

Choose a feedback tool

You can use various tools to create a feedback form, such as Google Forms. This tool offers multiple templates, question types, and design options.

Create the feedback form

Create the survey with the help of your chosen software. Make the form your own by adding the questions you came up with in step 2 and giving special attention to its layout and usability.

Test the feedback form

Before launching the feedback form, test it to ensure it works correctly, and the questions are easy to understand.

Launch the feedback form

Share the feedback form with your target audience by embedding the link on the Google form QR code.

Analyze the feedback

Once you have collected enough responses, analyze the feedback to gain insights and identify areas of improvement.

Industries to benefit from Google Feedback QR code

Retail: Feedback QR codes are a great way for stores to get client opinions on their services, products, and overall shopping experience.

Hospitality: To gauge customer satisfaction, service quality, and overall experience, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality firms can employ feedback QR codes.

Healthcare: With feedback QR codes, medical facilities can ask patients about their experiences, the quality of care they received, and any problems they encountered during their stay.

Education: Google feedback QR codes are an excellent way for schools and universities to get students’ opinions on their courses, instructors, and general education.

Events: Events like conferences and trade exhibits can use feedback QR codes to ask guests their thoughts on the occasion, the speakers, and anything else.

How to create a feedback QR code

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of feedback QR codes let’s talk about how to create one.

Go to Free QR Code Generator 

Go to the Free QR Code Generator to create your feedback QR code. This software offers a wide array of custom features and other QR code solutions that you might use in the future.

Choose the Google Form QR code solution

Create an account to use the Free QR Code Generator. Once done, click the More button, then drag and drop to Google Forms. Provide the necessary details needed. 

Generate your QR code

Click the Generate QR code button to proceed.

Customize your QR code

You can personalize your QR code however you like. You can add colors, change the eye shapes, change the frame shape, attach your logo, and include a call to action for that customize QR code.

Test the QR code

Before using the QR code, test it to ensure it works correctly. You can do this by scanning it with a smartphone camera and ensuring it takes you to the survey or feedback form.

Promote the QR code

Finally, promote the QR code to your customers. You can do this by placing it on your website, social media pages, or even physical advertisements. Make sure it’s visible and easy to scan.

Where should you place your Feedback QR code?

Feedback QR code

Depending on the nature of your company or organization, there are various choices for displaying your QR code for customer feedback. Here are a few recommendations:

Packaging: Include the QR code on the product’s packaging or labeling if you want customers to easily submit feedback by scanning the code and entering their information.

In-store: If you run a brick-and-mortar business, the QR code should be displayed prominently, such as by the cash register, on the receipt, or in prominent displays.

Promotional materials: Use the QR code on promotional items like flyers, brochures, and business cards to solicit responses from your target audience.

Website: If you have a website, you can place the QR code in it to make it simple for people to leave comments.

Social media: Use the QR code in your social media postings to encourage comments from your followers if you have a social media presence.

Earn plus points with easy-to-access feedback forms

Feedback is essential for an organization to continue striving and create new strategies that would help the organization foster.

When feedback forms are accessible and convenient for customers to fill out, they are likelier to give their most honest responses, skewing away from bias.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own feedback QR code today! Visit the Free QR Code Generator and sign up for an account.