When Art Meets Tech: Art Galleries QR Code

Art has always played a significant role in forming a society. No wonder why we frequently see hosted art galleries nowadays, but what’s even more surprising is the adaption to art galleries QR code.

You can now see QR codes on most artworks in an art gallery. People have been wondering what these QR codes are for, but they truly contributed to connecting art with people without destroying how it looks.

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7 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes on Art Galleries

To give enough ideas on what is a QR code and how you can turn QR codes into valuable tools for art galleries, we presented seven creative ways to guide you:

Exhibit Information

If you’re to host an art gallery exhibit, you can post a QR code online—on your site or social media platforms, that redirects scanners to the exhibit information.

Visitors can scan the QR code and access details about the artist, the artwork, and other relevant information. It can enhance the visitor’s experience and create a more immersive environment.

Audio Guides

Audio QR code

Not all gallery visitors like reading, so you can use an audio guide to cater to audio learners.

MP3 QR code can provide visitors with an audio guide content of the exhibit or specific artwork. It can be handy for visitors who prefer a more interactive and personalized experience.

Online Exhibits

Since many artists are building their market online, you can use QR codes to promote online collections not presented and seen in the gallery. Or you can make a digital version of the gallery, too.

It can be helpful for visitors who cannot visit the gallery in person or want to revisit the exhibit after their visit.

Social Media QR code for artists

You can add a social media QR code to every artwork, so when visitors scan the code, you can redirect them to a social media landing page where they can follow the artist of the masterpiece.

It will help boost the social media engagement of the artist and promote his work further. Using the social media QR code for artists, you no longer have to promote all the artist’s social sites individually.


Gallerists can also use QR codes as a ticketing system. Visitors can scan the QR code to purchase and access tickets to the exhibit. It can streamline the ticketing process and reduce waiting times for visitors.

Providing visitors with such convenience will greatly impact their buying decisions and will undoubtedly influence them to visit any of your upcoming exhibits.

Artwork Sales

Displaying artwork prices could be intimidating at times. It sometimes becomes the first thing that visitors look at upon arriving, hence, affecting their level of appreciation for the masterpiece.

You can still sell the artwork without displaying the price, but rather enclosing it in a QR code. That way, visitors would appreciate the beauty of the art piece first. It can increase the chances of getting more sales.

Artist Profiles

H5 QR code

More than the beauty of an artwork, it is also important to note the artist behind it. And if you’re an artist who wants to build your network, you can use QR code in museums to promote yourself.

You can use a URL QR code to redirect users to your website or create a custom landing page using an H5 QR code, where you can create a post about yourself.

When visitors scan the QR code, they can access information about the artist, their background, and other relevant information.

It can create a deeper connection between the visitor and the artist and enhance the overall visitor experience.

How to create QR code using QR code art generator

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator online

The Free QR Code Generator is a trusted and quality QR code maker where you can freely create custom QR codes of different solutions. It is easy to use and very user-friendly.

  1. Pick a solution

There are 20 QR code solutions to choose from in this generator. It’s best to know the purpose of using a QR code to pick the correct matching solution to address that purpose.

  1. Attach details

After choosing a solution, you can provide the necessary details to generate the QR code. It could be a file, a text, or a link.

  1. Generate the code

Click the Generate QR code button will appear after providing the details in your QR code art generator.

  1. Personalize the code

Customize your QR code according to your preference. You can change the color, eye shape, and frame shape and add a logo and a call to action for that fully customize QR code.

  1. Test the QR code

Before deploying your QR code, test it so you won’t have to regenerate a new one again if it comes out non-working.

  1. Download and deploy your QR code

Download your QR code. Print it into your artwork so people can quickly scan it.

Make art modern through QR codes

Art galleries have always been places where people can appreciate art and get inspired by the creativity of artists.

Technology has played an increasing role in the art world in recent years, with new and innovative ways of showcasing and experiencing art.

One such way is through the use of QR codes in art galleries. You can use QR codes for various purposes in the art industry.

So if you’re an artist planning to join an exhibit or a gallerist hosting one, get yourself a QR code today for that easy, well-rounded experience. Visit the free QR code generator and sign up now.