Here's: How to make customized QR codes a major part of your branding

Last updated:   July 14, 2022

Both traditional and creatively customized QR codes are one of the many ways to connect your online brand content to people on offline mobile platforms.

In the sphere of marketing, a businessman, entrepreneur, or marketer must explore all possibilities to attract a possible audience or market to a brand's online presence.

Significantly, an increasing number of people are using their smartphone devices to keep track of their preferences.

As a result, an effective and efficient marketing strategy must include attracting clients through their brand presence. It's good that visible QR codes can help you do that.

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QR code for branding: Is a Branded QR code a good or bad thing? 

Barcodes serve as a link between the internet. But offline worlds criticized barcodes a few years ago.

This is due to their black-and-white appearance, which features black checker boxes against a white background. Fortunately, you can now uniquely personalize QR codes while maintaining their scannability accuracy.

QR codes do not have to be dull with today's technology because various QR code generators are available that can build a well-customized QR code with a logo and design that corresponds with your objective.

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QR code for branding: Brands that have integrated customized QR codes as a significant part of their branding

Kinder Joy and Applaydu

Kinder Joy teamed up with Applaydu, a free edutainment app that allows kids to write stories and build their imaginative worlds. There are edutainment mini-games, augmented reality experiences, visual arts and crafts, storybook builders, bedtime stories to read, and much more in the app.

Furthermore, there are various methods for you and your child to access the app's surprises. One of these options is to buy a Kinder Joy egg and scan the branded QR code on the booklet.

Korean Emart

Emart, Korea's largest shopping mall, uses 3D QR code sculptures to boost sales and revenue during the lunch hour, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., every day.

They used this strategy since they noticed a significant reduction in sales during this period.

Image Source

Fortunately, their sales jumped by 25% during the campaign period during lunchtime.

The popular Emart "Sunny Sale" campaign involves arranging a series of QR codes called "Shadow" that depends on the sun's peak for optimum viewing, and you can only scan it at noontime every day, after which the pattern of the shadow changes.

Klarna's Fashion Show

Klarna Bank AB, also known as Klarna, hires ten models to walk the pink catwalk.

The models dress entirely in pink robes carrying the Klarna branded QR code.

Image Source

Customers who scan the QR codes will be redirected to a landing page that reveals the model's outfit.


Starbucks Corporation, a worldwide coffeehouse business based in the United States, is experimenting with using QR codes as a new way to pay and earn stars.

Image Source

Suppose you're paying in-store, press "scan" from the Starbucks app's home screen when you're ready to pay. Then choose "scan only," point your device at the QR code, and pay with cash or credit or debit cards.

Taco Bell

Image Source

Taco Bell, a California-based American fast-food chain, has included QR codes on its newest 12-pack goods. Mobile, radio, in-store signage, web, television, and social media are part of a 360-degree marketing plan.

Each QR code includes a tagline on the box that explains what it does and how to unlock the information.

QR code solutions for brands to make interactive ads that convert

Social Media QR Codes to Maximize the Online Visibility of Your Business

When you own an online business, you want to get many followers to promote traffic, engagement, and, of course, sales.

A Social Media QR code, which is a form of QR code that can integrate all of your social media profiles and other digital resources into a single code, can help you with that.

People may simply like, follow, and subscribe to your social media profiles using this QR code.

If you customize your QR to make a branded QR code, well, it can significantly increase the number of your followers.

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App Stores QR Code to Boost Application Downloads

The App Store QR code is a QR code that can direct scanners to a landing page where they can automatically download an app. These are dynamic QR codes with a short URL included in them.

In other words, the logic behind the URL has been implemented the instant you click and activate it on your smartphone device. Software companies can now personalize an App Store QR code by including their software or program branding and a compelling call to action!

Interactive and Customized Landing Page for eCommerce Using H5 QR Code

Businesses can frequently utilize H5 pages in eCommerce, especially when promoting a sale.

Companies online can use the H5 technology to create their marketing strategy for their customers using their smartphone devices.

By scanning this type of QR code with their smartphone devices, businesses may direct customers to an optimized landing page for smartphone users with the information encoded on it.

Also, you can customize the H5 QR code just like the other types of QR code solutions.

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URL QR Codes to Redirect Scanners to a Link or Online Information

Users can include their URL QR code in their books, brochures, booklets, and other printed materials.

They may redirect a dynamic QR code to any website without printing another QR code, making it more accessible. Using a URL QR code, they can digitally communicate more information while saving space in their print materials.

Video QR codes for product packaging

Marketers can include video QR codes on product packaging to provide information about the product.

Any customer can scan the QR codes embedded in the packaging to access a video or a short story about the product.

The QR code will direct the scanner to a specific landing page to reorder a product. This is a fantastic opportunity for marketers to promote their products without printed advertisements.

A user can also create a video QR code in three different ways. The first method uses a QR code with a URL to indicate where you store the videos online, such as on Dropbox.

Second, if the user keeps the video on their computer, they can create a video QR code using a File QR code. Finally, there is a YouTube QR code if the user wishes to share his film on YouTube.

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QR code for image gallery to display multiple images

When scanned with a smartphone device, an Image Gallery QR code embeds and displays various images on the user's smartphone screen.

You can commonly use this QR code solution for product packaging, photographer portfolios, tourism and travel, business services, events, and others.

You can use the H5 QR code solution to generate an image gallery QR code and click on the slider images. 

File QR Codes for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to a business, file QR codes have several advantages. However, only a few people understand how to use QR codes when sharing files. A QR code can secure and protect these documents, whether it's official documents or business inventory records.

You can use a file QR code to easily access various business documents such as invoice numbers, repair records, employment contracts, and accounting documents.

As a result, file QR codes play an important role in allowing businesses to efficiently share enterprise documents and market their products and services by scanning a QR code from their smartphone devices, redirecting them to the business' website and other information.

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Multi-URL QR Codes for Businesses

A Multi-URL QR Code is a dynamic QR code that people use to guide and redirect users to multiple URLs based on their 1. time, 2. location, 3. number of scans, and 4. language. (The user must generate 1 QR code per feature)

The multi-URL QR code solution comprises multiple URLs that can redirect the scanner to various landing pages using one QR code. 

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Why should you create a dynamic QR code for your branding?

People have commonly used QR codes on product labels and packaging as monochromatic colors for numerous years. If you check your purchase, these codes are likely to be printed on the labels.

Dynamic QR codes are QR codes that are both flexible and advanced. Using a dynamic QR code saves you time, effort, and money since you can alter and edit the content at any moment, even after the QR code has been printed.

Dynamic QR codes are commonly used in businesses and marketing since they can not only modify their information but also track how many times they are scanned and its scanners' location and device.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are advanced and versatile QR codes that were created as a new generation marketing tool to target clients while keeping things interesting and exciting.

Below are some of the best features of a dynamic QR code has:

  • Editable
  • Trackable
  • With a password protection feature
  • Comes with an email notification feature
  • Has an expiry feature, and;
  • Integration to google tag manager feature, Zapier, and HubSpot

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Tips On: How to Make QR Codes a Major Part of Your Branding Successful

QR codes promote innovation. However, to provide continuous efficiency to users, it must be constantly upgraded to sustain and improve its effectiveness.

The following are things to think about before customizing QR codes for your marketing campaign.

Be Informative on your landing page.

Unfortunately, most business cards, brochures, invitations, and other printed materials feature QR codes that provide no additional information.

You'll only see a simple QR code without indicating what's inside. As a result, new users may be unaware of their missing, resulting in low scan rates.

If you're offering a coupon, discount, promotional code, or further information about your business or product, make sure to include enough information.

Include A Call-To-Action Button.

Who wants to scan a QR code and have no idea where it will take them? The key to increasing client curiosity and interest is a good and exciting call-to-action. People will scan your code and see what your brand offers if you have a quick and concise call to action. "Scan to see offers" or "Scan for a chance to win tickets" are two examples of QR code call-to-actions.

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Increase The Value of Your QR Code

The concept of customized QR codes is similar to previous advertising initiatives.

The key to taking action is to add efficient value to the product.

Without a doubt, I'll demand something in exchange for my valuable time spent scanning a QR code. Large brands, for example, can use the QR code to include additional product information, coupons, special discounts, and promotional codes.

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Unique Design

People are more interested in personalized branded QR codes than black and white ones. You can even round your QR code by clipping the rectangular points off.

Because of QR codes, error tolerance is feasible. Remove the code's center and replace it with your brand's emblem or a specific image to attract a larger audience.

You can also change the pixel colors to match your company's color scheme. A QR code that matches your brand's identity and communicates well is getting more scans than the traditional ones.

If you add this personal touch to your branded QR codes, customers will feel recognized.

Make your landing page optimized for smartphone users

Because mobile phones scan QR codes, users must receive customized info; this improves readability and enhances customer engagement. When you provide material that is specifically customized for mobile phones, the likelihood of users scanning your code increases.

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Testing is Crucial

Even though our free personalized QR code generator generates the best QR codes ever, some intricate designs will be difficult to scan.

Over-customizing your graphic QR codes is all too easy. Some colors may not work well together, and always make sure the foreground and background colors complement each other.

As a result, you should test your QR code on various scanners because you don't want your customers to get a blank page or an error.

Check that the code is scannable and readable and the content it shows. Isn't it true that you don't want a grumpy audience?

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Analyze and tweak your campaign regularly for better results.

When it comes to your business, you are not bound by limitations, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. As a result, modifying the text of your QR code can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

If you've followed all of the steps and used all of the measuring methods, you'll be able to choose what type of content, design, or strategy is best for your audience.

Using dynamic QR codes is the best solution. With dynamic QR codes, you can track your data.

You may modify and recalculate strategies to make them more exciting and more engaged by looking into demographics.

Make new choices without hesitation; every marketer wants to be one step ahead of the pack. As a result, your clients will be more willing to forgive you for doing something novel.

Why should you use customized QR codes as part of your business identity?

You can use QR codes to boost sales, drive more traffic to a website, and engage customers by adding value to specific items or services.

Users may have access to unique contests, promotional codes, discounts, free giveaways, or coupons due to this added value.

Moreover, they provide users with additional information about your brand and help them trust your identity.

For instance, if you are a food manufacturer, why not use a custom QR code to give your consumers detailed information about each product's nutrition or access reviews from previous customers who purchased that product?

In a literal sense, it aids in having a better influence on your brand in front of your audience, which in turn aids in boosting your market credibility and, as a result, increasing sales.

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Here are some more advantages to using a graphic and customized QR code to promote your business.

  • Compared to ordinary QR codes, customized QR codes are far more appealing and beautiful, allowing users to scan them more frequently.
  • You can update information, discount options, promotional coupons, and other things with a branded QR code at no extra cost.
  • Without investing a dime, you may maintain a consistent relationship with your clients by using new information on the same QR code.
  • Because people scan QR codes more frequently, you can easily engage with your audience. It also serves as a gateway to increase web traffic.
  • What could be better than an excellent QR code design on your brochures, business cards, event invitations, visiting cards, and restaurant menus? Your audience will be able to learn more about your brand this way.

To put it another way, both standard and customized QR codes can provide your buyers, clients, or audience with a wealth of information.

"How many people are going to scan your product?" is the actual question. In this situation, brands that use graphic QR codes have a higher level of customer engagement.

A branded QR code can increase scans by more than 48 percent, according to research.

They can be a simple approach to reaching many smartphone users while also keeping your business on the cutting edge of technology and marketing.

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Creating branded QR codes is a crucial part of your marketing strategy

Do you want your QR codes to stand out? Use QR codes for branding now

Replace the typical forms of your QR code with a custom color. Individually customizing the corner parts and the body is possible.

Make your QR code more appealing by using a logo; you can choose a logo from your gallery or submit your own. You can also use one of the templates from the template collection as a starting point.

Visit QRTIGER now to learn more about how to customize QR codes.

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