Transform Your Image To QR Code And Be Unique

Have you wanted to surprise someone on his special day with a photo you secretly took months ago but don’t want to reveal it instantly? Well, convert your image to QR code and make them wonder for a second. 

Your recipient may initially be confused about the QR code, but once they scan it, it will open up to the main photo. That would be a tech-savvy way to surprise them.

This makes it very suitable for printed media with limited space. By printing the QR code instead of the actual image, we can still technically display the whole picture without consuming much space.

Moreover, anyone can easily create QR codes and even personalize them to match their respective personalities; you just have to learn to use a free QR code generator creatively.

Creative ways to use this QR code

The thought of what is a QR code might be intimidating, especially for those unfamiliar with the technology. So here are some creative uses that they can take inspiration from, in the simplest terms:

Educational materials

Learners better understand textbooks and other educational materials if they come with images. However, most books are already filled with texts and descriptions, leaving no room for photos.

Educators can print education QR codes with images on the material to use these limited spaces. When students scan the code, a visual of the topic will show up, allowing them to understand the lesson even better.

Infographics in PNG to QR code

Image QR code

Infographics contain details about a specific subject. And sometimes, no matter how large the materials are, the information won’t still fit, especially images. But readers need to see these images to visualize the material’s content.

This means you cannot compromise the inclusion of an image as it is important as the text. You can use a QR code to represent each image to resolve this matter.

Transforming your PNG to QR codes takes only small spaces but can hold a whole picture.

It’s even better because scanners will get to see every detail of the image in more vibrant colors and can zoom it in and out.


Imagine having to market a specific retail product thru a flyer. You will have to include the front perspective of the items, descriptions, prices, and other important details.

What if we told you that thru embedding image in QR codes, you could show the buyers another perspective of the item? Like the side, top, and back view to help them fully appreciate your product’s overall appearance?

No need to print all these images in the flyer; a QR code can do the job for you. This way, you get to show your product from all angles without cluttering your brochure with all the photos.

How to convert an image to QR code

To create your own QR code, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator. The site won’t require you to sign up, but if you want to try dynamic QR code solutions, you must create a free trial account.
  2. Choose between file QR code and H5 QR code solution
  3. Provide the required details
  4. Click on the Generate QR code button. You have the option to use a static or dynamic QR code. Note that it’s the dynamic QR code that has advanced features.
  5. Customize your QR code. You can add colors and change the frame shape, eye style, and pattern design. You can also add a logo at the center. And to compel the audience to scan, you can add a call to action.
  6. Test if your QR code works after the customization.
  7. Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

Image QR solutions from a free QR code generator

There are two QR code solutions that you can use if you want to embed an image into a QR code: File and H5 QR code solution. 

Let’s differentiate these two solutions to give you an idea of which works best for you:

File QR code for image

File QR code

The File QR code lets you embed any file type into a QR code, including an image in PNG or JPEG format. You can use this file solution for a single image.

You can use this QR code solution in literally almost everything. Aside from images, you can also embed PDF, MP4, Excel, and Word, making it suitable for any marketing and advertising campaigns.

And since file QR code is a dynamic solution, you can expect to be able to use advanced features, such as edit, track, password-protect, and expiry.

H5 QR code

The H5 QR code solution allows you to create a personalized landing page. You can benefit from using this page when you can’t afford to buy a domain or pay for a developer.

You can [ersonalize your QR code design however you want. Users scanning your QR code will open up the landing page you created. The page will be a powerful tool for advertising a product.

The best thing about this solution is that it has a slider images feature that lets you add more than one image to the landing page, so your audience can enjoy the visuals more. 

How to scan a QR code

Curious about how to scan QR code image in phone? Just open your camera app and hover to the QR code. If you’re using Android 8 or a newer version, your camera can likely act as a QR code scanner. The same goes for iOS 11 and up.

If the scanning doesn’t initiate after using the camera, try checking the settings and enabling the feature. If you can’t find one, you will have to download a third-party scanner available on any app store.

Best practices in customizing your QR code

Here are some points you need to consider when customizing your QR code for image to make it more unique and scannable.

Decide on your color palette

You can use colors to break away from the typical black-and-white QR code. But in picking out colors, make sure these naturally blend and won’t be an eyesore.

Also, make sure that you maintain the proper contrast of colors. A dark pattern and light background must always pair together for scanners to interpret the data easily.

It’s also important not to use the same colors for the background and pattern because scanners will find it hard to detect all the QR code elements. Refrain from using pastels as well. The shades might be too light for scanners to detect.

Add your logo

You can add a logo to your QR code to develop brand awareness. Recognizing the logo in the code will give confidence to users to scan your code. 

Check other elements

Did you know you can change your QR code’s frame and eye shape, and even the pattern design? Depending on the free QR code generator you’re using, there are various choices that you can choose from.

Provide a call to action

A compelling call to action will attract users to scan. In creating a CTA, make sure to make it short but exudes a sense of urgency. You can use the word “Now” or “Hurry.”

Embed your image into a QR code for a digital twist

Save space on your material but still deliver a quality and defined visual image for your audience by converting your image to QR code. 

And in creating one, you need the best QR code software partner that won’t disappoint you. One that can give you various solution choices and customization features and guarantee a working QR code product.
Head over to the Free-QR-Code-Generator—the QR code generator you can rely on anytime. Sign up for the dynamic QR code solutions and discover the never-ending possibilities with QR codes!