How to use QR codes in education?

Last updated:   July 14, 2022

To enhance and improve students’ learning experience in the classroom setting, how can QR codes in education help? How can its innovation help educators and students?

QR codes in education are a great way to digitalize your classroom activities and make it innovative than ever. The current generation of today is unbelievably accustomed to the smartphone screen.

Internet, screens, tablets, and laptops are being introduced as the newest medium of learning, and they’re getting pretty much popular globally speaking. 

As this mobile learning becomes more and more predominant, the world is trying harder to find operative ways to introduce mobile tools in the classroom.

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How to create QR codes as an educational tool

  1. Go to
  2. Click which type of QR code solution you need
  3. Select “static or dynamic”
  4. Click generate QR code 
  5. Customize your QR code
  6. Do a scan test
  7. Download, print, and deploy

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QR codes in education: How to use them for innovative and interactive classroom learning? 

Given below are some more ideas to give you a starting point for using QR codes for educational purposes.

1. Student’s resources in educationqr codes in education

It’s integral for all the schools and colleges to provide their students with enough resources and examples to do well.

Thereby, the use of QR codes for connecting students to quality assignments and PowerPoint SlideShare can improve their performance. 

Likewise,  students from a foreign country and new to the language as well as the culture can be benefited from such linkages.

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2. Collaborating Laboratoriesqr codes in education for laboratories

QR codes can also help to create interactive laboratories for the students to perform better science experiments and research. 

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3. Appreciate and motivate the studentsqr codes in education to motivate

It’s possible for students to create their own codes and ultimately to award each other.

When a student wants to appreciate someone around them they can provide a code that links to messages such as “Good Job”, “keep up the good work”, “You have done it wonderfully” and “Thanks for doing your part for the team.”

4. Eco-friendly environmentqr codes in education eco friendly

Yes, that’s right! To save more and more trees and papers, it’s possible for you to give your students a QR code that conveniently links them to different instructions, tasks, projects, announcements, and assignments. QR codes can actually turn out to be eco-friendly too! 

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5. Thoroughly check Answersqr codes in education check answers

By the end of a test or task, you can allow your students to check their answers by scanning the QR code. As an instructor, coach, or teacher, you can afterward approve when students are checking their work.

This will ultimately help you track individual learning and can provide a clear opportunity for you to offer the required ease for the students. You can also create your PDF into a PDF QR code. 

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6. Designing the best possible resumeqr codes in education for resume

The 21st century is an era of intense competition in all fields of life. That is exactly why enabling students to use QR codes to generate their resumes is really a good idea. 

These QR codes will eventually create a link between the resume and other important content on the professional website as well as their detailed portfolio. 

Schools and colleges can ensure interactive and innovative resume building through these QR codes.

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Real-life QR code examples in education

Harvard University uses QR codes to help students access educational material

One of the professors at Harvard University uses QR codes so students can access educational materials on their smartphones.

The QR codes embed website addresses that have information about research methodologies, ethical conduct of research, and controversies in science.

West Virginia University utilizes QR codes during international recruitment events

The West Virginia University has been using QR codes at international recruitment events.

One of the personnel noted that they are using the said tech tool as it is very popular in Asian countries and consider it as a perfect marketing tool for the said audience.

For their in-person events such as college fairs, they used QR codes so students can easily get information by a simple scan.

Malaysian University uses QR codes to track student attendance

A Malaysian university comes up with a novel and digital way to record the attendance of students using QR codes.

The students can scan the code plastered on a projection screen by a lecture and proceed to verify their attendance. 

The QR code is valid only for a limited time so students should come early to class. 

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QR codes in education as the new and standard way of learning

This isn’t an overstatement, but QR codes serve as a great resource for schools and educationists.

It is fairly possible to provide quick and easy research opportunities, similarly, you can always use these codes for classroom attendance, provide extra practicing sessions for Early Finishers and Provide Support to Struggling Readers through these codes. 

It’s vital to use dynamic QR codes as they can help you update all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to keep track of your valuable consumer data.

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