How to use QR codes in retail in 2021? Diverse use-cases

Last updated:  October 13, 2021

QR Codes in retail is one of the most sought-after technology advancement in this generation of marketing advances.

It is a popular marketing tool, widely integrated by marketers and businessmen as a technique to drive traffic to their website and engage more people to their business’ store page.

QR codes make the purchase easier for customers. Moreover, with the increasing competition with e-commerce, the use of QR Codes will give any type of business an utmost competitive advantage to the market.  

Emerging as one of the leading technologies to transform customers’ experience and allowing them to save their time by accessing the information at the tap of their smartphone device, have made QR codes as one of the most in-demand tech-tool today. 

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How to create QR codes for your retail marketing

  • Go to
  • Choose the type of QR code solution you want
  • enter the necessary data needed for the corresponding QR type
  • Click static or dynamic
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test your QR code if it scans
  • Print and deploy it in your retail marketing

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4 Major Uses of QR Codes in Retail

1. QR Codes Allow Cashless Payments for Customers

Long gone are the days when the customers have to carry cash in their hands to make payments. With the digital evolution, you can now make payments more manageable by the use of QR Codes! The transaction is way more convenient from a financial standpoint.  

The appearance of the immaterial payment system has increased economic convenience for customers and promotes an online check-out system that saves a “bit more time” in paying. 

Well-known retail brands and companies that are using QR Codes for in-store Payment

Dunkin Donutsqr codes in retail dunkin donuts

Image Source

The American multinational coffeehouse and donut company has re-designed the Dunkin’ Donuts app making it quicker and more convenient for their customers to place an order via mobile phones. The orders are then automatically charged when a QR code scanned from their smartphone at a check-out, making the payment method hassle-free! 


qr codes in retail starbucksImage Source

The famous coffeehouse chain in the world has also integrated the QR Code for mobile payments to enhance customers’ coffee purchase experience.

With the use of Starbucks cards, customers’ can load it in advance and use it to benefit/earn rewards or stars that will give them free drinks down the road. Furthermore, it aimed to increase coffee sales through the use of the QR code. 


qr codes in retail 7 elevenImage Source

The Japanese-American international chain of convenience stores has also incorporated the mobile check-out system, applying  QR Codes in retail style. The 7-Eleven app uses a QR code system for the customer to quickly scan products and then pay for the items via a digital wallet at what 7-Eleven calls a “confirmation station.”

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2. QR Codes Promote Virtual Stores


The technology company that is a titan in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence has launched advanced shopping technology called the ‘Just Walk Out’ technology so customers don’t have to wait in line.

It allows the customers to walk straight inside the store, pick the products, items, or goods that they need and simply walk out. 

According to Amazon, it is using a combination of artificial intelligence, computer vision and data pulled from multiple sensors to ensure customers are only debited for the goods or items they pick up. 

The customers then have to scan a QR Code using the Amazon Go app on their smartphone at the entrance, to get inside the store and shop. The amount of the purchase is directly charged from the users’ Amazon account.

QR codes for retail store Tesco 

In 2011, Tesco opened its first virtual store located in Seoul, South Korea subway station. It was an idea that turned into reality for tech-savvy commuters who are always on the go or hurry with their daily routine. 

Interested customers can download the Homeplus app into their phones to scan the QR codes of the products they want to purchase.

The scanned products are then stored in the customers’ online shopping cart who pay online once their order is done. The products or items would later get delivered straight at the consumer’s doorstep. QR codes in retail are definitely saving everyone’s effort!   

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qr codes in retail tesco

Image Source

3. QR Codes in retail to personalize the shopping experience of the customers


One of the well-known clothing and online apparel stores, Lacoste, has integrated QR Codes to their line to personalize the mobile shopping experience for their customers as well. 

Lacoste has equipped its static print advertisements with a custom QR code that allows consumers to shop the most trendy and latest looks from the retailer’s brand collection. It lets customers buy their favorite products while being on the go with their day.

Moreover, they also use the QR Code to roll out shoppable TV advertisement!

qr codes in retail lacoste

Image Source


Zara has also emerged QR codes in display windows to promote and advertise their brand even to the passers-by! People love strolling around in the malls and adding a QR Code to your window store could totally transform the idea of the window shopping experience! Let them scan the sale items of your store!  

qr codes in retail zara

Image Source

4.  QR Codes in retail to prevent counterfeit products

One way to protect your brand from counterfeit products is by having a QR Code attached to it. QR Code can secure the authenticity of your goods and will combat with the fake ones that are out on the market. 

In fact, according to a report, it is estimated that the global market for counterfeit products had reached $1.2 trillion, and it takes more than $300 billion worth of revenue away from brands that have to compete with fakes and only appears to be worsening. 

Ralph Lauren 

The fashion company producing products has secured its brand by adding QR Codes to it.  The labels will give each item a unique digital identity that is accessed by scanning the QR Code using a mobile phone or QR Code Reader apps.

Customers can then determine the product authenticity of the item. Furthermore, it will provide the purchasers’ information and styling advice when the QR Code is scanned. 

qr codes in retail ralph lauren

Image Source

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8 ways to on how to use QR Codes in Retail Stores

1. On your storefrontqr codes in retail storefront

Let people scan your storefront and play a small game, win and enter the store to get their discount. It’s a great way to engage your customers and drive traffic to your store. 

Furthermore, it’s very important to have a call for action; people don’t do anything if they see a QR code, having a text will make them scan like “Scan Me!”  “Scan to Win!”  or “Scan to get a Promo!” 

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2. Store assistant


Sephora has placed a QR code on all their store assistants; this is a very successful way to get more leads and people to your social media!

3. In your store

Place a QR code on each product; explain to your consumers’ by a short video of how to use it and its related benefits. 

Let people scan a QR code attached to your items, let them purchase want they want from your e-commerce and ship it straight to their home. Decathlon did this successfully all over there stores in Asia.  

Potential buyers can read comments online from other buyers. This helps to convert them.

4. On the tableqr codes in retail table

QR codes in retail can work wonders when placed on the table. People can scan to see the food menu and order, play a game, and win a discount.

Many brands have implemented this as it’s more useful and practical for the customers; some even allow payments included in the process.

We have seen this strategy with brands such as McDonald’s and other restaurant owners.

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5. On Your productqr codes in retail product

QR codes can serve as a digital portal to reach more customer engagements and let them buy your product. It’s a free opportunity to do marketing for your goods and commodities!

Having a “call for action” with your QR code and correctly positioning it at eye-level, will straight-grab your customers’ attention and will result in 80% more scans!

Most brands forget to add a call for action to make people scan it like “Scan and win!” or “Scan to get a Promo.” 

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6. Use QR codes in retail stores to navigate directions 

QR codes can be used by retailers to help customers navigate their way to the store. Using a location QR code linked to Waze or Google Maps, customers no longer have to memorize the address or get lost.

7. Increase in Website Trafficqr codes in retail website traffic

Use a Website QR code to link to your landing page and start driving more traffic to your business online.

8. Online checkout

You can allow shoppers to purchase products they like in the store online and get it delivered straight at home. Simply place a QR code on the product packaging to initiate the process for you.


QR codes in retail stores are definitely making waves, as mobile has quickly become the number one vehicle to reach, engage, and convert consumers.

With the rapid evolution of technology, it is of crucial importance to embrace and continue to stay ahead of the trend by combining new approaches of mobile integration and one of that is the use of QR Codes. 

Smartphone usage of today’s era has increasingly become a holistic part of the purchase cycle all over the world, and, without a doubt will continue to heighten in the foreseeable future. 

In fact, you can get started generating your QR codes without a huge investment by using the Free QR Code Generator Online. Witness for yourself how extremely useful it can be for you as a marketer!  Related: How to create a QR Code and get the most out of it!

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