How to use an excel QR code generator

Last updated:   July 27, 2022

As over 600,000 companies in the U.S. use Excel in their operations, how can an excel QR code generator online help them have faster and secure file sharing?

Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet software that is made by Microsoft.

Businesses and institutions use this software to keep records of data and make balance sheets, tables, and get statistical results.

Because of that, Excel becomes the go-to software for data encryption and making reports.

As they are useful for today’s usage, the need for creating faster alternative sharing options escalates. Because of that, QR code experts formulated a QR code solution that embeds Excel files into QR codes.

If you work for the auditing department or use Excel files as a part of your working routine, then this blog is for you.

But before you move into generating one, here are the following basics that you need to learn.

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What is an Excel QR code?

scanning excel qr code on parcel

An Excel QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that embeds Excel files inside the QR code. This kind of QR code is useful for institutions and businesses that always work their way with Excel.

With its easy scan and view prompt, companies can prompt an automated file sharing interface with their employees and employers.

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Ways to embed Excel files into a QR code?

Before you proceed in using the Excel QR code generator to generate your QR code, here are the two different ways on how to embed Excel Files into the QR code. 

A. Uploading an Excel File using the File QR code solution

upload excel file in qrtiger qr code

One great way to embed your spreadsheet file is by using an excel to QR code converter online.

In this way, your colleagues will automatically view your Excel file without the need for creating an access pass for your recipients.

When uploading your Excel file to the Excel QR code generator, you must consider the following steps.

1. Open the Excel QR code generator.

2. Select the File category on the menu.

3. Upload your Excel file.

B. Embedding an Excel File link from cloud storage using the URL QR code solution

free bulk qr code generator excel

For a more secure and faster file sharing scheme, the use of a URL that embeds the Excel file link from cloud storage is a great way to go.

Some cloud storage that you can use to embed your Excel File link is Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

To embed an Excel file link from cloud storage to the Excel QR code generator, here are the following steps that you should need to follow. 

1. Open the cloud storage that has your Excel File.

2. Select the excel file you want to share.

3. Open the file and choose the share icon.

4. Add the people you want to have your Excel file have access to.

5. Copy the access link.

6. Open the excel QR code generator.

7. Paste the Excel file link in the URL category and select the dynamic option.

How to make an Excel QR code with an Excel QR code generator?

Now that you have learned the two ways on how to embed an Excel file into a QR code, you can proceed in creating your Excel QR code with the Excel to QR code converter online.  

To create one, here are 6 simple steps that you can easily follow.

1. Open an Excel QR code generator like QRTIGER and select from URL or file QR category

After you have opened the QR code generator, you can select the category your Excel is fitted to. For uploading your file, the File category is suitable for use.

If you use the file from your cloud storage, then the URL category is a great way to go.

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3. Switch from static to dynamic QR and generate your QR code 

Once you are done uploading the file or pasting the Excel file link, you can proceed with generating the QR code.

When generating using the URL category, QR code experts recommend you to generate it into a dynamic QR code to access more features such as replacing your QR code content to another file, tracking your QR code scans, activating the QR code password feature and many more. 

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4. Customize the look of your QR code.

customized excel qr code

To get the attention of your colleagues and employers, customizing its QR code design is a great way to go.

By customizing, you can select the right QR code template design for your office by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

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5. Run a QR code test.

After you have customized your QR code, proceed in running a test by scanning the QR code using different devices. 

In this way, you can detect any early errors and avoid any scanning problems in the future.

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6. Download and Share.

download qr code in svg file

Once you are satisfied with your QR code testing, you can go download your QR code and start sharing them with your colleagues, mentors, and employers.

When printing your QR code, QR code experts recommend users to download it in SVG format to ensure its printing quality when resizing it.

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Use Cases of Excel QR codes

Excel files are useful to store and group data accordingly. Because of that, they can be used in 5 notable ways.


phones share excel file using qr code

Excel QR codes are can be useful in sharing Excel files with your teachers and colleagues.

It can be used in sharing data of your student’s attendance, performance grades, and create an activity tracker with Excel QR codes.

Through the use of it, you can always monitor your student’s performance by tracking how many of your students have already scanned the Excel QR code and passed their activities.

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Account Statements

scanning excel qr code on document

‘Most of the accounts statements being developed in the office today are powered by Excel software.

Because of that, banks and accounting firms can make accurate estimates of the loans their clients are requesting without the need to manually computing them.

But as sharing the account statement files can sometimes need the presence of the clientele in their office, some of them find this practice a tedious thing to do.

Because of that, some accounting firms are using QR codes as a means of transferring their client’s account statements.

In this way, their customers can feel the safety of the information they are requesting from their trusted accounting provider.

Real Estate

scanning excel qr code on brochure

Realtors use QR codes to fasten their house deals and intensively provide a more comprehensive service to their customers.

Because of that, they can incorporate the use of Excel QR codes to enlist the properties they are selling in an Excel file.

In this way, they can direct their clients to the properties they are selling in a list and link them to their corresponding virtual house tour.

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Health care

updating patient record by scanning arm wrist qr code

Most of the diagnoses made by health professionals today are being recorded in an Excel file. Because of that, many hospitals can keep up with their patient’s medical history records.

With the help of QR codes, the health care industry can automate accessing their patient’s medical history by scanning their QR code. 


scanning qr code on a parcel

One way to keep track of your inventory is to create a list for them.

Through making one, you can ensure its right count and estimates without losing a significant number of assets and products.

With the use of an Excel QR code, you can keep track of managing your inventory by letting your warehouse manager edit the file using the cloud storage configuration.   

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Benefits of dynamic excel QR codes

QR codes are a great tool to use in holding content smartly and conveniently. Using it, users can reap the 5 following benefits.

Fasten file sharing duration

Excel QR codes fasten file sharing duration. Because of that, users can instantly let their recipients view the content by downloading and viewing them without the need of waiting for the file to upload.

Using an excel to QR code converter online, people can fasten their operations and have more time to make other business transactions.

Cost-efficient in your pocket

QR codes are inexpensive to make. Because of that, marketers and companies are using them as they are light in their pockets.

Thanks to its editable feature, businesses can use the same set of QR codes with different content for a long time and establish an office-based QR code for file sharing.

Through the use of it, they can save money while integrating the use of it in their operations.

Excel QR codes save data

When creating an Excel file with more data entries, the data that it consumes to make can sometimes take up a significant amount of storage.

Because of that, uploading and sharing the file can take up more time than With the use of Excel QR codes, the recipients can save space on their devices and just automatically open it with their cloud storage configuration.

Safe and secure

scan password protected qr code

When it comes to sharing files and information, QR codes are the best means of sharing safe and secure content. 

Thanks to its secure error-correcting feature, this mode of content sharing is usable even if it bears 30% damages in its print counterpart.

Because of that, companies and other users can ensure their content’s safety and security.

Through the use of it, they can easily keep their business transactions discreet and well-protected.

You can also activate the password-protected feature of your QR code for confidential files and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. 

Editable and Trackable

dynamic qr code editable and trackable

Since Excel QR codes are dynamic in nature, you can enjoy the benefits of having more plausible features than its static counterpart.

With its editable and trackable features, marketers and other businesses are enjoying its usage in their operations. 

By editing content in your QR code, you can easily change its existing files without the need of generating new sets of QR codes.

Also, you can keep track of the scans made by knowing its total number of scans, scan location, devices used in scanning, and the date of the scans made.

This way, they can maximize their usage and have much comprehensive QR code operations.

Tips on how to make the most out of your Excel QR code

When making the most out of your Excel QR code, there are 5 helpful tips that you can implore.

1.Choose the right person to access your Excel file

When using the second way of embedding your Excel file into a QR code, you can select the person/people that can access your QR code.

Because of that, you can have a safe and discreet file sharing with the recipient you want to receive the QR code with.

Through this, you can still post the QR code on your bulletin board and have the intended person to open the QR code’s content.

2. Make a QR code design

customize qr code designs

For a more customized professional QR code look, QR code experts recommend users to make a custom QR code design. 

By designing the QR code, they can increase their scanning rate and let the employees scan them without any doubt.

To ensure the QR code’s scannability, design experts always follow the rule of thumb in making a QR code such as making the foreground color darker than the background and avoid any color mismatching.

3. Make a compelling call to action tag.

add qr code call to action

To gain more scans, QR code experts recommend the use of call to action.

In this way, your recipient will have a hint of the content of your QR code.

When adding a compelling call to action tag, you can use a three worded phrase such as “scan to audit” or “scan to read."

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4. Consider the right QR code sizing.

To ensure the QR codes scannability, considering the right QR code sizing is important.

Because of that, QR code experts recommend users to have the minimum QR sizing which is 2 cm x 2cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in).

Through this, you can ensure that your QR code maintains its scannability.

5. Print your QR code in the highest printing quality.

When printing your QR code in the paper, QR code experts always prompt users to print their QR code in the highest printing quality possible.

Through this, your printed QR code will not have blurry visuals and keep its scanning ability.

Excel QR codes – Fast and Secure File Sharing with

When it comes to sharing an excel file, many companies are compromising their data’s security.

Due to this, the QR code experts formulated a fast and secure file sharing QR code solution called Excel QR codes generated using the Best QR code generator online. 

By implementing these QR codes in offices and institutions, companies can ensure the security of their data while maintaining a high speed sharing prompt. 

With the help of a powerful Excel QR code generator like QRTIGER QR code generator, you can unlock new possibilities with Excel QR codes and intelligently innovate the future of file sharing. 

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